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The oDesk API Center is where users can access webservices APIs to build their own oDesk applications. Creative companies and contractors can build apps, incorporate oDesk in their dashboards and integrate oDesk features with their websites or management systems.

What can companies do?

  • Build their own team room apps
  • Incorporate oDesk into their desktop dashboards
  • Integrate oDesk with their website or management systems
  • Create custom provider search views and display these views off-site

What can contractors do?

  • Create their own work diary apps to better support their buyers
  • Integrate their oDesk profile into their own website or in other places where they’d like to promote their services

Technical details (please check the API Center documentation for full details):

  • Any oDesk user can access the oDesk webservices APIs
  • In order to fully utilize the API developers need to create API keys
  • The API is a REST API. It’s easy to use and can be used in pretty much any development language



We will continuously release more APIs, update existing ones, and feature applications developed using the oDesk APIs.

If there is something that you would like to see and we do not yet offer, let us know in the feedback forums or drop us a line at apisupport@odesk.com.

There is also a community IRC channel #odesk running on freenode.net, so drop by and say hi:)


Frequently asked questions regarding the API

My API Keys

Request new keys and view your existing keys here.

View the API documentation

oDesk has an open API that allows developers to query information from oDesk. Check out the full documentation and get started.

Recent updates

Check out the recent updates and leave us feedback in the API Center community.


See some examples of what others have done with the API on our examples.

Featured Apps

Interested in what others are working on using our API?  Would you like to add a new one? Check out whats been done so far here.


About korput
Hi, I am Unal, an experienced web developer who professionally develops with PHP since 1998. My experience includes : * WORDPRESS — CUSTOM PLUG-IN WRITER for your needs ! E-commerce solutions, payment systems integration, product data entry. * JOOMLA — Even custom changes in extensions plugins Virtue Mart E-commerce solutions, payment systems integration, product data entry. * PHP – Mysql Custom Web Sites and User Interfaces * Php User Interfaces * Access VBA — Developing Access applications since 1997 * Excel VBA – Developing Custom Finance Programs with “Excel macros” * Google Adwords API Development ( Custom Tailor-Made Solutions for your Google Campaigns ) ( Web site advertisement system TURNKEY management ) * Google Adsense – Web site revenue system set up and management * UI Interfaces Developer – As your custom needs * DBA – Database Admin, Webmaster * Linux Debian Lenny Etch Expert * Web Site Paypal / Google Checkout integration I can work with you with a payment your PAYPAL Account. My oDESK profile is : http://www.odesk.com/users/~~c1022b209d6c18d4 ( it may require you to sign up or login to oDESK first ) I focus on Client Satisfaction and customer utilization is utmost value for us. I hope to work with you in every kind of work which you demand and we can supply. Regards, Ünal

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