Leaseweb vs fdcservers vs

I need few servers with 1Gbit dedicated unmetered BW and I need real 1Gbit BW, no limits per ip connection or something similar, good uptime, no downtimes, quick reboot or remote reboot, good support (when I need them, I don`t need managed servers)…I need best possible download speed in whole world, special in USA and europe…leaseweb or fdcservers or or somebody else?


mariushm replied: Leaseweb will do 1gbps unmetered.
Check out, it’s in the same datacenter with Leaseweb, may even be Leaseweb in US is very good.. 100tb by default, can upgrade to 1gbps unmetered.
heard only good things about

might wanna try for some quality bw but probably expensive.

Hope you do realize though that “best possible download speed” often means expensive bandwidth, at around let’s say 6-8$ per megabit or more.

In fact, if you want the best possible speeds in whole world, you’d be better off using a combination of several CDN’s like Cachefly, Akamai, Voxel and others… which have prices starting from 10 cents per GB.

IC3 Networks replied: leaseweb takes my vote.
I tried them before, I used to max out my speed from Eur, USA, CA and ME.
If you don’t need managed servers, then leaseweb is a good choice for you.I also saw many people complaining about fdcservers, I have no experience with them, so you better use the search function here to find more info on them.

As for choopa, I heard they are really good, but no personal experience.

mercmarcus replied: I agree mariushm,In USA use , PERFECT!

They both could upgrade you to unmetered 1 gig.
Now I am waiting a special solution from them 12×1.5tb drives and raid 10 config, with 64 gig’s of ram. which will serve as a cdn point for my customer.


Bernardoo replied: I recommend leaseweb OR they are also resellers of also seem to resell leaseweb, so getting directly from Leaseweb might be the best option.

Leaseweb > *


For more information click here.


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